Blockcerts recruiters' and evaluators' guide

Did a learner send you a Blockcerts certificate?
June 13, 2019

The person that sent you the Blockcerts is allowing you to verify the integrity and the validity of one of his/her recognition. If the operations showed by the validator are all successful it means that that certificate is authentic as if you had contacted the issuing institution to ask for confirmation.

The Blockcerts URL

If you received an URL like this:

As soon as you open it, the verification process starts: if it is successful, the certificate is authentic, which means that it was really stored in the Blockchain on the indicated date, with the indicated information and by the indicated organization.

The certificate that you see at the end of the verification process is a graphic representation defined by the organization that issued the recognition, which includes the exact information contained in the Blockcerts. This information is secure and verified.

La URL del Badge

If you received an URL like this:

The person is sharing an Open Badge of Bestr with you. If the Open Badge contains the icon…. Or you see the indication “Download Blockcerts” below, the Badge has been notarized also in the blockchain in Blackcerts format.

Un Blockcerts su Bestr

In the Badge page you see much information entered by the organization that issued the Badge and consists of the competences of the person that holds the Badge.

By clicking on “Verify Blockcerts” the verification process of the Blockcerts, which contains an essential subset of the information displayed on the Badge, is launched. If the verification process is successful, you can consider the information displayed in the certificate as secure and verified.

The JSON format

A learner might also decide to share its own Blockcerts in JSON format. In this case, you can verify it at and you will see the verified information included in the Blockcerts.