Give a like to endorsement: change education

Today a new function of Bestr is launched: the Endorsement. To support, share and comment on Badges. To advance the Training model together with its protagonists. To play an active part and define which skills serve companies and the Italian production system
November 9, 2015

Like, ergo sum

To be part of History – or at least a history – is what everybody wants. Not just as a protagonist but also as an active spectator, involved to the point where we become a fundamental part and can guide and modify it.

This is epitomised in the philosophy ‘like’, the function invented by Facebook to publicly express support, encouragement and approval. Whether it’s for an amusing photo of a friend, the status on the rain in the city, a romantic song posted by someone you like or the wider matters of a humanitarian battle or a favoured political candidate, it’s indifferent: what counts is the demonstration of being part of that history, contributing to it and writing it.

The revolution of ‘like’ is part of a bigger system that is seeing in direct participation a seismic change: to be actors in the creation of value is not only important for communication but even more so for those giving or receiving training.

Now in Bestr, all this becomes possible thanks to the new function of endorsement.

Because recognition of the utility and quality of a competence achieved through courses or work and life experience - its social reputation – is essential in making it truly spendable in professional life and useful to the companies who are searching.

Bestr and endorsement: new release

This is why Bestr today launches endorsement: this new functionality on the platform offers companies a way to easily express their support for competences and soft skills produced and verified by associations, training institutions and other organisations.

Which skills are required to provide a leap in quality in your business? Which competences, soft skills, attitudes and experience would be good for the Italian production system?

Thanks to the new service – similar to ‘like’ on Facebook – companies and issuers can share, comment and support Badges issued by other organisations on Bestr. Users can leave questions and responses and contribute to orientating the training model to their needs.

It’s an opportunity

  • for those doing training to value the importance and efficacy of the formation 
  • for those acquiring new competences that can enhance the Job Market, to reveal them - first and foremost to their endorsers
  • for enterprises looking for professionals and new personnel to stimulate the job market towards the skills that are considered most useful

An opportunity to grow together, as a community that truly values human capital and the relations between active participants.

To change together with the new business model that is emerging and exploit to the fullest the occasions it presents.

A bigger slice of a growing pie

Nowadays companies no longer compete with each other on the basis of the cost of products or services – to increase their ‘piece of the pie’ – but rather, they are immersed in an ecosystem, cooperating with suppliers and clients to invent new services and products, so enlarging the whole pie.

From a ‘value chain’ we have passed to a ‘value constellation’ where the barriers between sectors fall away, new opportunities are created, innovative metamarkets arise – as with the smartphone: useful for making calls but also for working remotely and taking photos – and the products are deeply imbued with a social and emotional value, far beyond just the technical characteristics.

In this way, business becomes a ‘relationship’ in which supply and demand grow together, pushing brands to be evermore capable of playing a part in the life of the consumer, creating memorable experiences and immersing people in histories that have an impact on their lives.

The companies become the storytellers, and can participate in each other’s narration with a ‘like’ or, on Bestr, with an endorsement.

Per raccontare una storia diversa della formazione: quella in cui tutti partecipano concretamente alla creazione di valore. Perché una vera storia è tale se le persone sono coinvolte, immerse in qualcosa di reale, in qualcosa che hanno voglia di condividere.

Have you got a business? Become an endorser 

How can I give my endorsement to the Badges that are important to your organisation? Write to from a company email address, requesting access to the platform, and in no time at all you’ll be able to express your endorsements.

Which skills can I support? Those for which a Badge exists on the Bestr platform: explore Badges on Bestr.

What if the competence I’m looking for is not on the platform? Tell us about it, via email or Twitter (@joinBestr). We can help find the right Trainer, or maybe your company could be the first to define this new skill.

More news

Updates to Bestr also bring changes to those who don’t run a company:

  • The Badges search page is now enhanced with a keyword search. Try it out on Explore Badges.
  • Users (at present, those who own at least one Badge) can highlight their Favourite Badges, to be achieved in the future
  • Single Badge pages have also been updated