How do I add a Badge to my Linkedin profile?

An Open Badge on LinkedIn is shown as a certification - with proof attached
May 24, 2017

This post refers to Linkedin "Add to profile" button after March 2017, when Linkedin closed the possibility for other platform to automatically send certification data.

Open Badges can easily be added to one's LinkedIn profile as certifications.

If the Badge is added to the LinkedIn profile through the proper "Add to profile" button available on Bestr's award page, the LinkedIn certification will include a link towards the award page, showing how the Badge is assigned to the learner, with name surname and assignment date. This makes it much more trustful than a simple manually added certification, which cannot provide any immediate proof.

Here is a step by step guide.

"My Badges" and the award page

When you withdraw your badge you will have a page dedicated to you, with your name and the date in which you earned the badge: this is the award page.

You can always access your award pages from the menu item "My Badges", where all your Badges are visible: click on the Badge image to access the award page. 

Bestr My Badges

Add to LinkedIn profile

Om the award page, click the button "Add to Profile": only you can see it on your awards. 

Bestr Add to LinkedIn profile

Access to LinkedIn and fill in the form

Linkedin will show a form: 

Linkedin add certification empty form

The information needed to fill in the form is on the Badge Award page:

Bestr Award page - fields for Linkedin


Certification name is the Badge title (1).

Certification authority is the issuing organization (2): if it has a LinkedIn page, it will show up while searching for it. If not it's enough to write its name.

LinkedIn choosing organization

Licence number is the alfanumeric code at the end of the Badge award URL (3). It is optional.

Certification URL is the complete Badge Award URL.

LinkedIn filled in form to add an Open Badge

After filling in th form, choose "Save".

The Badge has been added to your profile

The badge will appear on the profile among certifications:

Badge added on LinkedIn profile