Happy birthday Bestr!

On the 4th of July 2015 Bestr was born: in one year a lot of learners and organisations have contributed to its journey.
July 8, 2016

One year ago Bestr was born with a bet: Bridge the Gap. Help to close the gap between the competencies sought after by companies, those possessed by learners and those cultivated by trainers.  

In this year we have learned a lot: we have come to understand that if we want give greater value to competencies and make them communicable, we first have to make them visible, and this is why we have used the Open Badges.

295 Badge pubblicati

We have learned that competencies grow everywhere: in events, with courses, with hands-on experiences, at university, in maker spaces, in companies, with volunteer work and with professional training.

61 Organizzazioni

12165 Badge assegnati

We have laid the first stones along our path and aligned the edges of the path in the direction of the aims we set ourselves. We have already met a lot of fellow travellers, but we have greater hopes of meeting more, because the bridge we have to build is made of ideas, projects and people.

Bestr - Bridge the gap