When good things start: Bestr is online

We often say "every good thing must come to an end", but sometimes, they are just beginning. From today, starts the adventure of Bestr. It's an Open Badge based digital platform that aims to valorize competencies and connect them to the productive reality and the current educational offering. The first learners, the first companies and the first trainers who participate in the "special projects" will be able to interact and grow together. Everyone can help make Bestr more functional and participatory!
July 4, 2015

A new tool signifies new opportunities.
A new opportunity means growth, both personal and for the company.

From this objective grew the platform called Bestr, online as of today in beta-version  that allows the learner, the companies and training institutions participating in active special projects to log in, interact, issue and get the first Open Badges verifying the skills learned through the projects - and use them to enrich their online profiles.

The beta-version is for now limited to project participators, but EVERYONE can see the unlimited possibilities offered and become the protagonists in their own projects.

A shared growth, an incremental model, and a stimulus to those who decide to improve their professional educational and corporate prospects by entering the game.

Why use Bestr

Bestr is the platform that bridges the gap: between the companies' needs, the skills of the individual and the training offered. It is something that until now didn't exist. It's an adventure just starting.

Why use Bestr? Because Bestr makes skill happens  and it is those skills that will power the knowledge economy.

The labour market requires workers who are, in fact, evermore professional, flexible and unique, and the world of education is rising to meet this need. To bridge the gap between personal creativity and professional reliability, between outside-the-box thinking and traditional skills.

Bestr responds to the need to give value, solidity and security to these new demands.

The platform offers a space where the necessities of constant learning are addressed. These necessities are now a fundamental reality for everyone: for every professional who wants to keep track of their training keeping in mind personal aspirations, talents and what the production environment needs; for companies looking for the right people to grow in their own business, and for universities and training institutions who want to give technical and cultural tools in line with market needs..

How Bestr works

Bestr isn't a learning system. It isn't a tool for announcing job vacancies, it's not a learning center, it's not a social network.

It's more. It's a multifunctional platform , based on the key words "simple" and "shared". The structure is intuitive, content incremental and accessible, and has a sociable navigation.

It is a source of inspiration, as the meeting point between learners, business and education.

Each new competency can be defined by a company or by a trainer, how to verify this competency is published and shared, and people who believe they have this competency can be find it on Bestr, prove it and verify it and submit it to their own digital curriculum: the ePortfolio.

All this through safe and certified standards: Badges (OBI - Open Badges Intrastructures), defined by Mozilla Foundation and based on a standard open technology. In 2014 more than 14 thousand organizations were already using it to assign more than 300,000 badges that serve to identify, value, gather, and attest to the competencies of the people.

Open Badges look like images, readable by every computer. Those images contain metadata about the competencies that each specific badge represents and the methods of verification, in which way this competency has been acquired and assessed, and who assessed it.

Each Badge is unique and is the property of its owner: a secure, portable, and digital instrument complementary to the traditional path of study certifications.

Who is Bestr for?

For learners, that is to say to all the people that are formed and grow regardless of the context of learning: at college or at work, with a course or self-taught, at school or hobby. On the Bestr platform, skills learned are showcased through the Badges and are enhanced by highlighting  each person’s professional profile and by sharing it with companies and educators. Also, on the platform you can find new sources of inspiration: the social dimension will allow you to follow people with the same or similar skills and goals, and to create custom growth paths to be included in your ePortfolio.

For employers, which can define the skills they need in the form of badges, they can find people with the appropriate skills and certifications, and they can contribute to steering the training offer directly to the most sought-after professional profiles in the labour market. It also allows them to promote the company, thanks to ad hoc training projects for its employees and thanks to special projects that highlight the skills that only that company can supply on the market.

For learning providers- universities, training institutions or centers. Thanks to Bestr, they can create a customized educational offer: demand-based, competitive and useful because it is built on the transmission of knowledge and not just the titles. They can create targeted courses associated with the skills required by companies on Bestr. They can offer students secure digital certificates: portable, modern and detailed. They can verify the competencies acquired elsewhere. They can, in short, put into motion the knowledge society and become an active part of the productivity of the land and of the country.

Beautiful stories begin by accident, but continue with will

Beautiful stories begin by accident.. a retweeted post from a friend, an article read on a blog, a chance encounter. But continue by desire: discover how to grow, how to transform the world of work and especially how to improve yourself. To be better, more motivated, more competitive.

The beta version offers full interaction only to special projects participators,  but anyone can navigate the published parts of the platform, can discover which projects are in progress and, most important, can propose a project to issue Badges and share skills.

Do you want to propose a project? Do you want to be on Bestr when it's open to everyone? Contact us

Join the world of Bestr and start building your path: unique and unrepeatable.